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"What a site!!!!!!!!! What a lovely review and a wonderful way to lay it out! Thank you so very much!" Jennifer Poulter, author of Mending Lucille. (May 2010)

"I have visited several hundred sites and blogs dealing with children's books and children's dog books and I find your work of the highest quality, and, so far. in a niche of its own." Robert McCarty, author Planet of the Dogs book series. (May 2009)

"Thank you again for your assistance in my inquiries. I really appreciate the links and the e-mail link to [left blank]. I will look into your reading suggestions for my son (sound promising)." Michelle S., mom (April 2009)

"Thanks for the interview. It looks really great. You really do your homework!" Jennifer Fosberry, Monkey Barrel Press founder and author of My Name is Not Isabella. (July 2008)

"Thank you for writing the Author Showcase articles. We appreciate the work you do promoting reading and getting books into the hands of kids. Your thoughtful questions and genuine interest shone through in the interview and the introduction featuring me." Patrick Mader, author of Opa and Oma Together and Oma Finds a Miracle (February 2008)

"Thanks for your interesting site. I'm a librarian and also a volunteer at my children's school library, which is sadly out of date. Your site will help us with book-buying decisions." Victoria Williamson, Encinitas, CA (February 2008)

"I read the review you gave my book, and I want to sincerely thank you.I feel that what I wrote was worth printing. This was my first children's book and your words have given me the inspiration to start on my second book." Virginia Stussy, author of Wishes and Wonder. (January 2008)

"The reviews from children mean a lot more to me than reviews by adults because children are my readers." Jan E. Culbertson, author of The Legend of the Lost Tiki, The Legend of Willow Springs Farm and The Legend of Dunsmoor Manor(October 2007)

"Thanks Terry! I always appreciate the promotional edge you give my books." Dotti Enderle, author of Hidden, The Fortune Tellers Club series Cotton Candy Catastrophe at the Texas State Fair, and Grandpa For Sale (October 2007)

"The Reading Tub® must carry a lot of weight. Amazon.com just ordered 18 more of our books. That's the biggest order they've ever placed and I can only attribute it to your review. Thanks again." Ed Shankman, author of I Went to the Party in Kalamazoo (October 2007)

"Thanks for all the hard work, people really like the Reading Tub® review about my book." Kevin Gerard, author Conor and the Crossworlds (August 2007)

"Loved your newsletter! I would like to...put a link to your web site on our page for parents who want suggestions of "new" books to read. Your reviews are just what parents are looking for!" Joanie Bache, Executive Director Read Aloud Virginia (June 2007)

"Wow! I couldn't have hoped for a better reception of the book. It's gratifying when someone "gets" it as well as you and your little readers did. May you and your site rise to the very top in the Google search hierarchy." Paul Many, author of Dad's Bald Head (June 2007)

"I can't thank you enough for your lovely review of Christmas at the Candle Factory! It's especially meaningful to me, as the author, because it was read and reviewed by kids. Their positive comments and the enjoyment of the parent means a book is going to be well-loved and read again and again." Barbara L. Johns, author of Christmas at the Candle Factory (November 2006)

Thanks so much!! I love having The Reading Tub review my books. You'll be happy to know I've taken "great pains" to jump right into the action in Book Three! I really appreciate the review, and your website. Mary Cunningham, author of Cynthia's Attic: The Missing Locket and Cynthia's Attic: The Magic Medallion (October 2006)

"I must say I marvel at your willingness and ability to write personal emails to one of your authors...The [emails] are such that I naturally assumed your first responses were auto-generated. But, nope, I can tell this is really you. So THANK YOU. For the Reading Tub, for the reviews that help parents everywhere, and for your efforts with my own books." Dale Wildman, author of Do You Know the Way to Find an A? (August 2006)

"Thank you so much for your quick response! Your organization sounds absolutely wonderful and I would certainly like to participate in the Be the Star You Are!™Reviews as well as your children's book reviews ... I really appreciate your warm response and I look forward to working with you." Katrina Davenport, Feisty Scribe and author of Denise's Mold (April 2005)

"Thanks for a job well-done, actually superbly done. I appreciate your consideration and your efforts. I've sent your website with all this information to many friends and family." Phyllis Moses, author of Orville, Wilbur and Me: The Magic at Kitty Hawk (March 2005)

"Received your e-mail and am very excited and honored to be part of your effort and dedicated spirit ... Lots going on with the marketing of this third book, Grandpa’s Fishin’ Friend. It continues to be received very well ... Your correspondence has meant more than you know. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." Grandma Janet Mary, author of I Wanna Go to Grandma's House, Grandma's Christmas Tree, Grandpa's Fishin' Friend , and Grandma's Treasure Chest. (May 2005)

"I can't thank you enough for featuring my new book and posting this interview on your wonderful site. Thank you again for all your hard work in promoting reading." Anna Egan Smucker, author of To Keep the South Manitou Light, Outside the Window, and No Star Nights (May 2005)

"A million thanks for your consideration. We think it's great that books are reviewed by the real target audience, and we look forward to their thoughts." Lisa Deutsch, A Treasure's Trove, Inc. publisher of A Treasure's Trove by Michael Stadther (July 2005)

"I owe you another thank you. I just saw your review of Ghosts of Whitner on Amazon.com. Thanks so much. You've really helped me." J. A. LeVitt, author of Ghosts of Whitner (August 2005)

"Thank-you for the very positive review of my book. Such feedback encourages me to keep working on writing." Andrew Oliver, author of If Photos Could Talk (March 2006)


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