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When a Child Struggles to Read


Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that affects reading and spelling in five to ten percent of the population (conservative estimate). Anyone can have dyslexia, and it may run in families. While there may be a genetic component, there is no correlation between the incidence of dyslexia and nationality, income, ethnicity, race, or IQ.

Finding clues about whether or not dyslexia is affecting your child's reading is easier than you think. There are simple tests you can create at home to help you test how your child does/doesn't use the right side of his brain for reading. You must be certain that you are looking for a real reading problem, so you will want to have a reading score of some kind and an rough-and-ready IQ score.

Here are two links that you may find useful. The first is a piece on the Website Reading from Scratch that talks about how to identify dyslexia.

We also found an article published by the Florida Center for Reading Research. It offers detailed information with more technical details. Skip to page three for details about how to identify and help children with dyslexia in a school setting. Here is the link for the complete article.

Click here for articles on dyslexia & dyslexia research.


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