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Winter 2006 Featured Author Sherry Moore

RT: Each of your children’s stories has a purpose. In Jason’s #16 Dream the purpose is woven into the plot. In Princess Jordan and the Horse the purpose goes well beyond the book’s pages. Can you tell us about that story and why you wrote it?

Sherry: Princess Jordan and the Horse was the recreation of my original story, Prince Jeremy and the Horse, which I had written when my son was a year old. A few years ago the county I reside in lost their funds for the preschool program in the public school system. In order for parents to have their children in the program, they had to pay tuition. I knew how hard it was for us to pay that extra money and I wanted to help families down the road. I took Prince Jeremy and the Horse, changed the title to include my daughter’s name, asked the four- and five-year-olds in our local school do all of the illustrations, had it published locally, and then sold the books throughout our community.

In the end we raised enough money to help families with their school supplies and field trips for several years to come. It was an amazing feeling to know that a story I created was not only helping so many families, but that parents were reading that story to children everywhere. Just knowing that parents were spending that extra time with their children was a huge inspiration for me and was the starting point of my writing career.

RT: Your children are clearly two of your writing inspirations. Where would you recommend that individuals interested in writing children’s books look for inspiration?

Sherry: A lot of children’s book authors are parents themselves, but for those who aren’t I would strongly suggest they do volunteer work with children. Nothing can inspire your spirit more than working one-on-one with children. Their insight into the world around them touches my heart on a daily basis!

RT: When you visit classrooms to help kids with writing, what grades do you visit? Do you have a particular theme or focus in your presentation to get them motivated about writing? What is the most frequently asked question you hear?

Sherry: Because I have not yet published my Prince Jeremy line of books, I have been primarily visiting grades three and up, and I also visit writing clubs. I talk to the students about each of my books and show them the different stages of publication. It is fascinating for the children to see the process from writing a story to editing to illustrations, to picking out the cover, and then seeing the book in print. It’s an amazing and very long process, and it gives the children an inside look at the publishing world. I also share writing ideas to help them with difficult homework assignments. There are so many things I have learned over the years, and now I can share them with others. When children see my passion for writing, it stirs up excitement in them as well. I get many letters from students with new stories or poems that they have written, and many tell me that they want to be an author when they grow up. I also get many wonderful questions from the children, but the most frequently asked question is, “Do you live in a mansion and drive a limo?” Although there are authors who probably do live in mansions and drive limos, I am not one of them. I sell my books to the students at the price I pay to buy them myself, and, despite a large sales volume, I do not make a lot of money. I write my stories because I love to share the messages within each book. I honestly believe that to be a successful writer, you have to love writing and inspiring others more than how much money you might make. Plus, it also shows children that we are human and that being an author is a very reachable goal!

RT: With your own work, what do you find to be the easiest part of the process? What do you think is the hardest? How do you stay motivated to get past those obstacles?

Sherry: The easiest part of my work is being able to share the finished product with others. The hardest part of the writing process is being patient. There is a long wait from the time you provide the publisher with your manuscript through each step of the publication process. During that time your imagination goes completely crazy. It doesn’t matter that you have signed a contract and the publisher is publishing the material; you still wonder if it is good enough, will be published in time, etc.

RT: Your children’s books span every audience, from pre-readers to young adults. The Prince Jeremy Series (publisher pending) is a collection of preschool books, Princess Jordan and the Horse (2004) is for elementary children, and Jason’s #16 Dream (2005) is for advanced readers. Do you have a favorite audience to write for?

Sherry: I have written books for every age group, but I must admit that I enjoy writing the children’s books the most. I recently finished writing the first two stories in a series titled, Crab Tales. This series of adventure books are about an eleven-year-old who turns into a hermit crab. They are fun chapter books written for eight- to twelve-year-olds. I also have a book, Shadows of the Past, which is a suspense novel for older teens and adults. I spend time visiting children and they get an opportunity to get to know me and are able to give me more input on my books.

RT: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sherry: I really appreciate all of the support I have received and I hope that I will be able to continue to inspire and entertain children and adults for many more years. I also want to express that you should never give up on your dreams—no matter what life puts in your past! Things happen for a reason, and all you can do is move forward! God Bless!

Website: http://www.publishedauthors.net/sherrymoore/ar.html


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