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Without leaving the Cincinnati metropolitan area, John Hutton has morphed from mud-loving, neighborhood explorer to pediatrician, bookstore owner, and a dad raising three book-loving girls.

In his journey to become a practicing physician, John took a detour to focus on his writing and then, fortuitously, as an independent bookstore owner. In fact, by the time he got back to his medical residency he had to start all over!

In 2010, John and his wife Sandy bought The Blue Marble, a soon-to-be-closed bookstore. A family favorite, they couldn't let this landmark go. They have kept the best and added more to what is now called blue manatee children's bookstore and deCafe. {Yes, John knows they are supposed to be initial caps!)

John, aka "the Book Doctor," is also the self-proclaimed "most prolific, under-published author working in Southwest Ohio." After many, many rejection letters, John decided to make a go of it as an independent publisher. blue manatee publishing has, as its first offerings, a series of award-winning board books for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

John and his wife Sandy live in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have three daughters, each of whom loves books and being unplugged!

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