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It is no wonder that Jennifer is "bookish" ... she was raised by librarians. Her family is full of them. Jennifer didn't pursue her masters in library science, but with her degrees in Physics, she might well discover the librarian gene!

Although she spent many years using her brain for "science stuff," eventually the genes took over, and now she's using her creative side. Like any great scientist, she knows the flashes of inspiration that become books are born of great experimentation ... and lots of good notes. "I have lost several good ideas because I did not have easy access to pen and paper and was too lazy to get out of bed to get it."

Jennifer created Monkey Barrel Press as a way to explore writing and create books that move beyond repackaging "princess stuff." Running her own company also gave her the flexibility she wanted as a full-time Mom.

Although born and raised in the Adirondacks, these days you'll find Jennifer in the Bay area ... or Costa Rica, where her family lives part time.

Jennifer is married with three "beautiful, intelligent, amusing, charming, wild" children: Isabella, Serafina, and Gustavo.

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