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Author: Sheryl Kravitz

Illustrator: Marie Stamas

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Publisher: Little House Publications,

Material: hard cover

Summary: Anna wants to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed "just one last time." When she fell asleep that night, she set off to find the coziest bed in the world. As she traveled the earth, she met lots of animals who shared their perfect sleeping place. Which would she choose? This picture book story is for children struggling with sleeping in their own bed.

Type of Reading: bedtime story, read aloud book

Recommended Age: read together: 3 to 8; read yourself: 6 to 9

Interest Level: 3 to 6

Age of Child: Started reading with child nearly 6 years old.

Young Reader Reaction: Our child liked exploring all of the other creatures' beds ... and deciding for herself how they would feel. We were asked to read this one several nights in a row.

Adult Reader Reaction: The story offers a creative way to help kids discover their own space. What struck us in reading the book, though, were the bright vivid colors. One doesn't expect to see lots of orange and pink when imagining a squirrel's bedtime on the forest floor.

Pros: The story offers an engaging, empathetic way for kids to think about finding (or creating) their own cozy spot. The scenes of the dream offer familiar characters and places, making it easy for them to comprehend.

Cons: The warm, 'wake-up' colors may not work if you are looking for a book to help soothe your child.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow, at least. Whether you are trying to transition from a crib to a "big kid's bed" or from a parenting bed to your child using his/her own bed, the book is a valuable, engaging aid.


Educational Themes: Use this story as an interactive way to engage your child in thinking about their bed. You can pick more animals to try to imagine what their "coziest bed" would be, or you can spend time in your child's room helping them create their own space.

Notes: Go to the Cozy Bed Book website to read more articles about helping your kids transition to their own bed.

Literary Categories: Fiction - picture book, family

Date(s) Reviewed: July 2007

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