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Author: Erin Hunter

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Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 2009

Material: hard cover

Summary: For the four clans that preside in the forest, the warrior code does not exist as a list of imposing laws, but serves as their way of life. However, these rules did not manifest themselves during the dawn of the clans, but appeared one by one, established due events momentous enough to merit such a drastic change in the cats’ manner of living. Each of the fifteen warrior codes bears its own story, but all have truly been a major driving force in shaping the history of the clans. Some reveal the valor and strength of individual cats that have become legends among the clans while others were created as lessons to be learned from tragic events or even made as precautions to near-tragedies. Interspersed with the stories of the fifteen codes are brief tales of various clan cats who and references to pieces from the main Warriors series as well as commentary from the narrators. This field guide connects the present Warrior catsí world to the past through a familiar, yet seldom discussed topic in the actual series.

Type of Reading: family reading, independent reading, read aloud book

Recommended Age: read together: 10 to 13; read yourself: 11 and Up

Interest Level: 10 to 15

Reading Level: 5.4

Age of Child: Teen STAR Review Team, Be the Star You Are!™

Young Reader Reaction: Warriors: Code of the Clans takes a different approach from what readers are accustomed to (i.e., storytelling). Instead, readers are introduced to the world of the clan cats themselves. It is a behind-the-scenes look at forest life in a more relaxed setting. As a result, refreshing, new content is presented in a lighthearted tone with an easy pace.

Despite the variety Hunter integrates into the types of stories he uses, some of these snippets are just too brief to reach the level of depth or complexity a typical novel has. The pictures, while visually appealing, are quite confusing. They seem to be acting more as decorations pasted into the book than anything else. Otherwise, I would describe this handbook as brief and satisfying, having achieved its foremost goal of providing insight on the Warrior Code.

Adult Reader Reaction: Having read some of the books and graphic novels in the Warriors series I thought this might be a helpful guide. Even with the brief bios and explanation of the Warrior Code, I found this a boring read.

Pros: Warriors fans eager for an extra peak into the clan cats’ history and lifestyles. Unlike some other side products of a series, Warriors: Code of the clans is by no means repetitive or dull.

Cons: Readers looking for a Warriors story will not find it in this book.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. This is a reference book that complements the Warriors novels.

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Educational Themes: Let this guide be your reference point in creating a "family tree" for the Clan cats.

Notes: The publisher donated a copy of this book knowing that we would consider it for review and provide an independent, unbiased profile. This book will be given to a nonprofit to help readers in need.

Literary Categories: Fiction - animal fantasy, guidebook, middle grade series

Date(s) Reviewed: January 2015

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