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Author: Dan Price

Illustrator: Dan Price

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Publisher: Sterling Publishing,

Material: board book

Summary: Using a journal format, the reader -- a soon-to-be braces wearer -- can participate in the process, personally track progress, understand what’s happening, and to laugh and giggle a lot. The content goes far beyond a journal to document your braces experience. It comments on aspects of the young reader's everyday life, and has an array of life lessons, guidance for the future, encouragement for a better mindset and attitude, and motivational paragraphs and quotes designed for the young readers use. This is a guide and resource book for someone who is about to get braces.

Type of Reading: independent reading, interactive reading

Recommended Age: read together: 7 to 12; read yourself: 8 to 12

Interest Level: 7 to 10

Age of Child: Teen STAR Review Team, Be the Star You Are!™

Young Reader Reaction: This small, quirky journal is a friendly, easy-to-relate-to companion for the average teen as they endure the process of getting braces. The book is very well written, and the author's style is supportive and wise, yet at the same time casual and personable -- almost as if he is talking to the reader in person which makes it easy to capture and hold the interest of his audience, mainly young teenagers. The advice is simple, extremely candid, and often quite funny. The structure of the book are also very fresh and innovative; the lessons and inspirational quotes are balanced with fun facts and such, and in addition the book is hand written and illustrated, making it very reminiscent of a personal journal. The content is tastefully woven into the book's main theme. Overall, this is a fresh, funny, and motivational book about braces and the teenage experience in general.

Adult Reader Reaction: When I first picked this up, I thought it was simply a boutique buy or gimmick. However, I found it to be a unique and very appropriate for the audience intended. I'd even add the category "reading with friends" as a type of reading.

Pros: This is an imaginative, practical, and fun filled little book. Just what the patient-to-be needs to keep her/his spirits up.

Cons: None.

Borrow or Buy: Buy! As soon as the Orthodontist suggests thinking about braces, get this book. Give it to the patient-to-be to help them cope with the inconvenience of having to get braces. The braces wearer will find the journal to be an interactive resource filled with information, funny stories, projects, and trivia. It will never be out of reach.


Educational Themes: Getting braces can be a daunting experience and usually comes at a time when an adolescent’s self-image is most sensitive. The Braces Journal provides accurate information, involves the patient in the process, and encourages the reader with humor. If I were an Orthodontist, I would provide this book to every adolescent patient.

Literary Categories: Nonfiction - health, middle grade, self worth

Date(s) Reviewed: February 2008

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