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IRON MAN: I AM IRON MAN! (I Can Read Series, Level 2)

Author: Lisa Rao

Illustrator: Guido Guidi

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Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers,

Material: paperback

Summary: Tony Stark owns an airplane company. He inherited it from his father. Although he could keep making airplanes, he wanted to do something else. He designed a suit made of iron and then began testing it in his lab. He wants to fly in this suit. Now it is time to test it in the real world. Will it work? This is a learning-to-read story based on the Summer 2008 movie.

Type of Reading: learning to read, read aloud book, remedial reader

Recommended Age: read together: 4 to 8; read yourself: 5 to 8

Interest Level: 6 to 8

Reading Level: 1.9

Age of Child: Shared with 7-year-old boy.

Young Reader Reaction: He thought the cover was cool and he liked the heroics in the back, but he wasn't very interested in Tony's story about the airplane company or himself.

Adult Reader Reaction: I would have to agree. This book is perfectly written with short sentences and vocabulary for a second-grade reader or an older reader who still needs practice. Kids will likely come to this book already knowing who Tony Stark is, and even if they don't, they have seen or read other action-adventures with similar premises: normal guy has/builds/uses superpowers and becomes a superhero.

Pros: Boys will be very interested in Iron Man. It may even get their imaginations moving to invent their own adventures.

Cons: There are only 24 pages of text, and five of them (more than 20 percent) are background. To get kids reading, let them jump into the story at the first page.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. This book offers potential, as it could easily be read over and over. It also has some substance in themes you can take away (and leave the movie behind).

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Educational Themes: Take advantage of Tony Stark's interests in being an inventor and superhero to encourage and create adventures in your house. Use the idea of a science lab, experiments, and tests (trial and error) to show that things don't always work perfectly the first time.

Notes: Flesh Kincaid reading level 1.9

Literary Categories: Fiction - adventure, fantasy, easy reader series

Date(s) Reviewed: May 2008

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