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Author: Cranium Inc.

Illustrator: Cranium, Inc.

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Publisher: LB Kids, Little, Brown and Company,

Material: hard cover

Summary: There is no limit to the things you can do together as a family: draw pictures, write stories, act out scenes. Plus you get to learn a little about yourself and others as you go. This is a use-your-imagination reading adventure everyone can participate in.

Type of Reading: playtime reading, interactive reading, read aloud book, family reading

Recommended Age: read together: 4 to 12; read yourself: 10 and Up

Interest Level: 5 and Up

Age of Child: Started reading with 5-year-old child.

Young Reader Reaction: Our child looks forward to every opportunity to 'play' with this book. S/He loves going back over the things we've done together.

Adult Reader Reaction: This is a lot of fun. We use this as an after-dinner family event. It keeps everyone at the table and, since it guarantees some laughs, a nice transition to clean-up and bedtime.

Pros: This is a book you can play with. You can be as follow-the-directions or as creative as you want.

Cons: Absolutely none.

Borrow or Buy: Buy! There is so much to do, and the book will create so many happy memories, that you'll want it forever.

If You Liked This Book, Try: CRANIUM BIG BOOK OF OUTRAGEOUS FUN; The Write-it, Draw-it, Sculpt-it, Act-it Game-in-a-Book-in-a-Game,   THE HERO BOOK: LEARNING LESSONS FROM THE PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE   MAKE YOUR OWN CALENDAR (2007)

Educational Themes: The sky is the limit with this book. You use all your senses to turn this book into a personal treasure.

Literary Categories: Nonfiction - games, interactive learning, picture book

Date(s) Reviewed: December 2006

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