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BABE AND ME (Baseball Card Adventures)

Author: Dan Gutman

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Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers,

Material: hard cover

Summary: According to baseball legend, in the 5th inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series, Babe Ruth pointed to centerfield from the batter's box. [i.e., he told everyone where he was going to hit the ball.] With the next pitch Ruth hit the ball more than 490 feet, silenced a raucous Chicago Cubs crowd, and sealed the win for his New York Yankees. Joe Stoshack (Stosh) wants to know whether or not Ruth really called his shot, so he and his dad travel back in time to that series.

They meet Ruth right after an angry fanatic almost kills them with a knife. In fact Ruth assumed the duo saved his life! Stosh's dad gets The Babe to sign a sack of baseballs, hoping to take them back into the future and sell them. He was laid off and the family could use the money.

When they go to one of Ruth's games, Stosh's Dad spots President Roosevelt in the stands and tries to warn him about the coming of World War II and the Holocaust. Security guards escort him away, thinking he is an assassin; and Stosh, still at the game, discovers that Ruth really did call his shot. But now what? How will he be reunited and return to the present? This is another installment in the middle grade series with historical fiction set on a baseball diamond.

Type of Reading: family reading, independent reading, read aloud book, reluctant reader, remedial reader

Recommended Age: read together: 8 to 12; read yourself: 9 and up

Interest Level: 9 and up

Reading Level: 4.3

Age of Child: Teen STAR Review Team, Be the Star You Are!™

Young Reader Reaction: This is a book I recommend for any young baseball fan. Babe Ruth was probably the greatest legend of the National Pastime ever, his shadow and spirit living on in every field and bat today. This book takes into account one of the biggest legends associated with the baseball great and presents it in an easygoing writing as well as giving a humanistic voice to the man who made baseball the national pastime.

Adult Reader Reaction: Review pending.

Pros: Don't think this is just a kid book ... there are lots of neat baseball facts and pieces of history, plus a lesson for parents, too.

Cons: None.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow, at least. If you have a baseball fanatic, you will want this (and the other titles in the series) for their collection.

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Educational Themes: There are lots of ways to expand on the story in the book. Although baseball is the obvious theme, there is plenty of other information to help you bring out what life "looked like" in the 1930s, as well as opportunities to talk about choices, consequences, and personal value systems.

Notes: A Reading Tub® volunteer submitted this review. She borrowed the book from the local library.

Literary Categories: Fiction - adventure, sports, baseball, life lessons, family, middle grade series, time travel

Date(s) Reviewed: December 2011

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